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Amputee Coalition InMotion Magazine – June Issue

I’m featured in this magazine…which is great timing because Kerith and I are heading to the Amputee Coalition Conference in Orlando Florida, where we have a booth. I’m also presenting at a couple of workshop sessions.


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  1. susan says:

    Best of luck at the amputee coalition. Sounds like you will be able to reach a lot of folks who want to stay active and may be interested in your sports crutch design. What are you presenting in the workshops you are holding?

    I love your blog…and the title ” living with attitude”. We all have this choice and it is nice to know you have choosen to live it with courage and engagement. I know getting there was a process and sharing your trials and triumphs can only assist others in finding a place they are happy with. Disabilities can be permanent or temporary ( physical or mental) and i think anyone can get inspiration from this blog. The blog is nice on the eyes too and easy to navigate.
    Congradulations Sarah I will continue to follow.

  2. Robert says:

    I red about you in this months issue and found out a little about you but when I started researching forearm crutches I found out a little more and am glad you decided to start this blog/site.

    I just became an amputee (4/25/2013) and am lost except for the internt, there is not a lot around here, a bit of a anti-friendly place for people who get around in life with challanges.(Tryed as hard as I could not to say disabled but I understand it.) I got in touch with AC and seen the convention but little too much for me to takein yet and traveling. Lots of things I wish I knew and need from somone who has been there. Really looking forward to knowing some tips on carying a cup of coffee and other things you said in your front vid.

    I have been using a pair of old, cheap and painful under arm crutches and they have been exhasting plus tearing up my hands, wrists and shoulders. I looked for the cheapest forearm crutches and the top of the line so I did not get taken for the money I had to spend. I settled for the crutches that my physical therapist recomended because I only had $300 to spend, I am saving for a pair of Side Stix for the future or when all this stuff slowes down and figure out where my health goes.

    I hope to get great few pointers, learn what I am doing and try things that are new..I have been helping others in my writing with my 43 years of diabetes so I understand about not giving up and never said or let many say I could not do anything but this being so new and so in my face. I got the attitude and have had many different things said about said attitude so I really like the title very much.

    I look foreward to the posts.

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