Living With Attitude

Hopes & Dreams begin with Belief

I believe that loss of physical ability does not equal loss of freedom or free will. By creating new ways to adapt to your circumstance and exploring new choices to stay active, you can remain connected to things that bring meaning and enable you to grow.

It takes courage and support to adapt creatively after loss. You need to be willing to take on challenges, accept support, fail and recover, in order to raise your awareness of the power and importance of your own unique abilities. I would like to help you in this process, by sharing insights that I have gained through my own journey. I hope to make it easier for you to embrace your disability or loss of mobility.

You are the ‘innovator’ of your life, especially after difficult changes resulting in mobility loss. Exercising this right is the spring board to opening up your world to hopes, dreams and possibilities. I want to help you begin to ‘recreate life, out of life’… by living with attitude that takes you places. Let’s work together to pave the way to an outstanding attitude of love and acceptance of self and life changes.

Sarah Hiking