Living With Attitude

Transformation through Challenges

Living a meaningful life, filled with passion for work and play, starts with learning how to embrace the difficult and envision the possible. Some of my greatest adventures have sprung from challenges that at first seemed insurmountable.

I share down-to-earth stories that are powerful and illuminating and inspire the participants. My ‘field-tested’ tools and actionable ideas can be used to make a huge difference in the listener’s personal and business life.


Attendees Speak Out: Testimonies

Very comfortable style and you managed to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. You inspired all. – Bob Milk

You are illuminating the way for other women and those with disabilities to be inspired to do great things. – Atsushi

You speak from your heart. You link up your past, present and future sharing your personal stories in such a way that your audience can resonate with and gain inspiration from. – Joan

I am going to gain a longer view of myself (as I believe I have been becoming smaller in how I live my life). – Patricia

You have given lots of inspiration to thousands of young people-many of them with problem much less severe than yours. – Late Bradford Washburn, Boston’s Museum of Science